Plus Size Madamma |


Wrap around skirts and harem pants!

Skirts are stitched from hand made block printed cotton fabrics made in India.

This fabric has a continuous array of ethnic symbolism of India.

The skirts are made in two sizes. 55 inch waist caters to the 1X and 2X sizes. 65 inch waist caters to the 3X and 4X sizes. The bottom is very wide compared to the waist. There are four (button hole type) holes on the waist band. The holes are interfaced inside to make them stronger. Each holes are interlocked three times to ensure strength. There are two belts on both sides. The belt next to the button holes is 24 inch long, while the other is 56 inch long.

Harem pants are also stitched by hand using fabrics made in India.

You will be noticed and adored for the enthusiasm the fabric adds to your curvy figure and will definitely stand out in a crowd.

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