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Anthea – Rosy Pink Blouse




We call this style “Anthea” which is an Indian name meaning “blooming flower.”  This is a great warm/sunny day blouse.  As much as I’d like to go sleeveless in the summer, I bake like a lobster in minutes.  This blouse gives me the coverage I need without feeling heavy or looking frumpy – and the gentle elastic cuffs ensure the sleeves don’t get in the way of my sewing/writing/crafting.

Anthea is collarless with a split neckline and three buttons for decoration down the front. Hip length with vents to ensure all your bits fit!   This version is light pink with darker pink roses.  You’re going to love this top and want to wear it every day of the summer.

Just a note about the roses – which people don’t typically associate with India.  However, during the 300+ years India was under British rule,  hundreds of pasty white diplomatic and military spouses stationed in India spent a lot of time and energy trying to create a little bit of home in their South Asian posting – and what is more English than roses?!  It is really wild in 2018 to walk through Indian towns and villages (like Munar) to find English looking estates, English styled parks, and rows and rows of gorgeous English looking roses!

Size:  Only one each in 1x, 2x, 3x and 4X

Main color:  Pink

Style Tip:   Throw over a pair of jeans, cotton slacks or shorts.

Fabric: 100% pleated cotton from India

Care:   Hand wash cold or machine wash cold and delicate.  Cool dryer.

Additional information

Weight 0.80 pound
Dimensions 18.00 × 12.50 × 0.50 in


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